17 March - As good as it gets?

Hospital appointment to see the consultant today.

I am almost completely disabled now. I can barely walk at all. It was a struggle to get between the car and the door. It is not for lack of strength.My balance is so poor that I can barely stand unsupported.I think this is partly a balance issue and due to the problems with my vision which is unstable and confused. so it feels as if myhead is spinning. All those years in my youth when I was a freelance beer tester have not helped me cope with this  at all.
. I apologize for the typos but using the keyboard is now almost impossible, as is any kind of work that involves handling small parts.  SoI cannot do most the activities with which I used to pass the time when I was well. It is very frustrating.

I asked the doc why I had these issues when the operation to remove the tumour had apparently been.a success.  He opined that my brain had been damaged, which is not reparable, so I should not expect much improvement  in these areas. So In other words how I am now is as good as it is going to get. He said that I wasdoing well having survived the tumour for three and a half years. So I auppose I should quit complaining and justbe happy I am not dead. Looking across at theLakeland fells I felt very sad. I had dreamed of having a few years of retirementgoing for walks in this beautiful area. It is never going to happen
Tohelp me get around at home we  ordered a Rollator fromCareCo We have purchased several items from htis site and have been impressed with the valu e for money  snd fast shipping.

With the consultant 's blessing we are going to hsve another try to reduce my steroid dose to zero, Steroids have too many bad side effects.

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