18 June - Gall bladder out

Just returned from Carlisle where I had my gall bladder operation. All went well, there were no complications. Not feeling any pain, just a little tenderness in the area of the wounds where they went in to do the keyhole surgery.

I'm supposed now to take things easy for a few weeks, and to stay off fatty foods for a few months.

Glad this is behind me now, and I can get back to beating cancer.

14 June - Another 12 weeks wait

Today I received a letter from the DVLA about my driving licence application. They have received medical reports from my doctors but it may take up to 12 weeks for consideration. Nothing to do but wait (im)patiently.

10 June - One week to surgery

By this time tomorrow week I should have had the surgery to remove my gall bladder. The operation will take place at the Cumberland Infirmary, Carlisle. At least I think it will. That's what I thought we agreed when the surgeon's secretary phoned last week. But when an envelope arrived on Saturday containing a colour leaflet showing how to get to the Carlisle hospital the letter enclosed said that I should attend West Cumberland Hospital which is in Whitehaven. Confused? We were.

This morning we had to telephone the secretary and make sure we were all on the same page, as it were. I will be having my surgery in Carlisle. But it does make you wonder if they make silly mistakes like that what else they get wrong. Fingers crossed.