10 FebruaryTyping tripe

I'm finding using the keyboard impossibly difficult right now. I'm not a touch typist so I look at the keyboard a s I typeand he keys are not where they appear to be, My left hand does not seem to be my hand at all.

I have to spend a lot of timecorrecting those errors I happen to notice It's incredibly frustrating. Another example of the same issue: When I switch a light on I find I'm pressing on the  faceplate justbelow the switch rocker.If I try to pick a biscuit off a plate of biscuits my hand can't feel the biscuitsthere because imy hand isn't anywhere near them.
When I press a key on the computerkeyboard I find 've pressed one of the nearby one. if I try to type capital I I get controll-I (switch to italics)which has just happened here. I can use the mouse OK though, but I often lose the cursor. Typing is impossible in these conditions. It h has taken more than half an hour to  type this short post. and correct the errors I found.

7 February- Driving licence returned!

Received a new driving licence, valid for 1 year, from DVLA today!tI's Not much use to me now.A few monthsearlier my visionwas good enough for driving to have been possible. Now it is so poor that typing this short post has proved amost impossible.