15.08.2014 Good news

Yesterday our GP called with the welcome news that between my last two scans there had not been any change. No growth. We will still receive visits from carers. We will have to change to a cheaper care agency. From there on we would have to pay for visits of carers, I will still need daily visits because I will be bed bound 24 hours a day.
All donations will be made to our PayPal account. And we want to say thank you to all people who kindly made donations already. 

1 August Assessment

Today, we learned that my case for home nursing care will no longer qualify for NHS funding. If we are going to continue with the same NHS paid carers it will cost 115 pounds a day. It is with Olga's assistance twice a day. Or 138 with complete care from care service. It is crazy. We are trying to review our schedule of care to reduce these numbers. Unfortunately our friend carer  hasn't returned still from Ukraine where she went because of family matters.