6 July - Can't sleep

Another day, another restless night. Inability to sleep is one of the effects of the steroid medication I  am taking to control the brain swelling, apparently. I have started taking a couple of codeine tablets at night - though I'm not in any pain - and they make me drowsy and I get two or three hours sleep if I'm lucky. But once I wake up I can't get back to sleep again. Last night I was kept awake by a Beethoven piano sonata I'd heard a couple of evenings ago playing endlessly in my head.

I had the idea to look and see if other people had written blogs about their brain tumours. I added a few links to the right hand sidebar of blogs I might start to follow up if I'm brave but it was really a bad idea. Many of the people had nasty symptoms and problems with the treatment and just about all the people who started blogs eventually died. Not much of a boost to my hopes that I can be the one to beat the bugger.