21 July - CT scan

Back to Carlisle for the CT scan. This time we went using the hospital car service. It saved us a taxi fare but it was a bit of a palaver to arrange; we had to be ready an hour earlier than if we had booked our own taxi and the service can't usually accommodate spouses or partners who wish to accompany patients to their appointments as the cars are usually full. So I expect we'll be using taxis when I start going for treatment.

At the hospital a nurse inserted a big needle with a plumbing attachment into a vein in my arm so they could inject the contrast dye for the scanner. Then off for a scan using the radiology department's brand new Philips CT scanner, commissioned this week, the wait for which I suspect is one reason why treatment is being a bit slow at getting started.

Back on the bed, head on the neck rest and the mask made on Tuesday was clipped into place. Momentarily a bit unnerving as it held my head more firmly than I remembered, but a few deep breaths and calm thoughts about the good this was going to do relaxed me. The doctor injected the contrast dye into the bloodstream, then I'm moved into the scanner which was very quick.

And that was it. There will be an appointment for a further scan after the doctor has worked out the plan. Until then I have another couple of weeks of "freedom."