26 June Physio

A visit from my physio today. She said there is nothing she can give me that can help me to get on my feet again. So I'm looking to being bed bound (hoisted) for the rest of my life. Rather depressed about this.

6 June

Our GP droped in to see how I'm doing. The experiment with increasing of my steroid dose to 8mg had not produced hoped for improvement of mobility. Possibly it has made things worth. So we are goinbg down to 6mg.

4 May/ Cockermouth hospital

Spent 10 days in the new Cockermouth comunity hospital. Doctors wanted to see if they could improve my mobility by changing my dose of medication. Increase of steroids to 8 mg, they were also concerned about Olga and I trying to cope without any help.They would not ley me return home until they are satisfied with conditions at home. So our front room had to become a bedroom complete with hospital bed on loan from the NHS. We also have a hoist for moving me around. Their intention is to manage my simtoms to make life as comfortable as possible. They do not advise further treatment or operation. they are afraid treatment may make things worth then they are. So for the present I will be bed fast invalid.

17 Apr - Regrowth

 A busy day-  It seemed as if every occupational therap;ist in Cumbria was visiting our house bringing items of equipment to help mestand up,andturn around. Olga spotted ourGP  walking up the drive. She brought new informationabout my recent or MRIscan which was not the same as we had been led to believe. I Mytumour has started regrowing from theoriginal site and is now bigger than it wasoriginally. We will have to wait fo rthe multidisciplinary team to come up with further treatment options
M eanwhile we must wait and see. we didn'tget much sleep last night.

11Apr- MRI results

This morning phone call from our GP nwith news of yesterday's MRI scan resultsThe results show some changes in the region where the tumour was removed but nothing is pressing on the brain which is good news we will have to wait for the specialist doctors to receive the fullresults.