11Apr- MRI results

This morning phone call from our GP nwith ews of yesterday's MRI scan resultsThe results show some changes in the region where the tumour was removed but nothing is pressing on the brain which is good news we will have to wait for the specialist doctors to receive the fullresults.

9 April - MRI scan

We get a last minute appointment for an MRI scan- a cancellation- the sooner the better.

6 April -last stages?

 I must be reaching the last stages of this illness I say that based on the rate of deterioration of my strength and mobilityMoving from one place to another involves a series of tiring and stressful hops I could could avoid that by staying in bed but during the day I prefer to go downstairs .I pee in a bottle to avoid a move to the bathroom. Time passes pleasantly listening to music or watching TV I'm not ready to give up the fight yet my next goal will be to try to survive until my next birthday on May 14

1 April - an april fall

Returning to bed after trip to the bathroom I lost my ballance and fell on the floor.  Once there I had not enough strength to get up again. Olga called the emmergency service. After an hour and a half the first responce had arrived and soon got me on my feet again. I can't help wandering if this is a the beginning of the end and I will progressively find it more and more difficult to do one things after another. Using the computer is impossible even with voice recognition software (Olga is typing it for me). We wandered if weakness in my legs and arms is a side effect of steroid medication. Our GP doesn't think so.  She thinks the simptoms I'm getting may mean my tumour is growing back again. We won't know untill I have a new MRI scan. So we are anxiously awaiting an appointment.

26 March- Stair lift installed

I never imagined that my brain tumour would have such effect on my mobility. I always thought I would be able to pull myself up and down the stairs as long as I could grab banister rails. That as it has turned out prooved impossible, so we have had to install a stairlift. Supprisingly there were several firms that could do that for us even here in the back of nowhere. In the end we went for firm that could install one quickest, which turned out to be Acorn. I was impressed how quickly it was installed. The installer rang the door bell at 9 o'clock and by 11:30 I was taking my first ride up the staircase. It was not a cheap solution but cheaper than moving to a bungalow.
Dictated to Olga.