27 July - Exercise bike

Still not sleeping much. Don't know why. The steroids are down to one tablet a day. I'm not anxious or depressed about my situation, not laying awake thinking dark or bitter thoughts. In that respect I seem to be dealing with it better than Olga. I'm just taking each day as it comes and finding things to keep my mind occupied. It's a bit like being on holiday only without the car to go anywhere or the energy to do more strenuous activities.

Yesterday, despite the lack of sleep, I noticed an improvement in my visual and motor functions. I managed to do some quite tricky work with the soldering iron.

Yesterday afternoon we took delivery of an exercise bicycle which this morning we put together. After that I rode a virtual 5km. Hopefully it will not be a five minute wonder like the one I had a few years ago which ended up in a charity shop when I got fed up with falling over it. At least we now have extra space for it - in the garage.

I do have a reason for getting this exercise bike as it will mean I won't have an excuse not to exercise if the weather turns cold and wet which, this being Cumbria in North West England, it is bound to do eventually.

The exercise bike is an interesting example of retail profit margins. We saw it in the Argos catalogue where it was being sold for £199.99, reduced from £299.99. But when Olga went to the Argos website the same model was now being sold for £89.99, previous price £99.99. However Argos would only promise delivery within 21 days and we wanted it now, so I did some searching and eventually got the same machine from an eBay seller of retail returns for £74.95 plus £4.95 shipping by next day courier. Which is about what it is actually worth, to look at it. But it will do the job just fine, I think.