12 July - Motorola Milestone

Sleeping a bit better now. Still feeling light-headed and weak and wobbly on my feet. Fitness seems to have hit a plateau. People with experience tell me it's amazing that I am walking about as well as I am only two weeks after being discharged from the hospital, but I am frustrated that I am not noticing daily improvements. But it's good to amaze people. Hope I can keep it up.

My new Motorola Milestone 2 smartphone came on Monday so I have been busy playing with it and trying to get it set up the way I want. There's nothing like a few geek toys to keep the mind occupied and off darker thoughts.  It really is a super gadget and does everything I want. I'm even posting this on it. The screen is easier on my eyes than the PC screen is. But I can't figure out how to position the cursor in this Blogger text entry box in order to edit what I have typed.

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