6 February - A satisfactory result

It has been a month since my MRI scan, 30 days since my last post. We have tried to be patient and wait  for the result. In the end it took a couple of phone calls before a doctor called us. He told me my scan was "satisfactory." I think I have heard that before.

The doctor understood that I wanted to discuss the result face to face and to ask about issues such as whether I can apply for the restoration of my driving licence. The consultant will arrange an appointment for us. I've heard that before, too.

After news about the tumour the question of whether I can drive is the other big issue for me. Only once I have my wheels back can I get on with life to the fullest extent. While I am stuck at home (apart from the occasional walk) I still feel like an invalid.

There is another urgency to my getting my driving licence back. If I can start driving by June (two years after my diagnosis) I can keep my no claims discount which was something like 70%, the result of 40 years of accident-free driving. That would make a difference of several hundred pounds to my insurance costs. So the longer I go without permission to drive, the greater my frustration.