25 February - More waiting

Just returned from the West Cumberland hospital for a consultation with the doctor. First they took more blood from me. Then we had to wait for the results - over two and a half hours. This time, I took a book with me.

After all the results were in we waited for the doctor. He told us my blood was much better - which didn't surprise us as I had no pains in my back over the last few days and my urine had gone back to its normal colour. The question is whether one of my gallstones is blocking one of the drains - I'm referring to my internal plumbing not the house drains! It will take an MRI scan to discover this. One has been booked but we are still waiting for the appointment.

One finding that did concern me: the CT scan had by chance revealed a small cyst on one of my kidneys. This has been referred to a renal specialist for follow-up. I've read about people who have had one type of cancer and then develop other cancers. I hope this turns out to be only a cyst, not a tumour.