20 February - A lot of waiting around

I was in enough pain that I decided to see any GP I could get. We saw a young lady doctor who got us an appointment the next day at the West Cumberland Hospital.

The appointment was for 11am  and we weren't finished until late afternoon, but there was a lot of waiting around between tests. First I had a blood test - which had been done by the GP surgery at least twice previously - and an ultrasound scan of my abdominal area - which had also been done previously at Carlisle. Then I had a CT scan of my abdomen. All this proved was that I have a lot of gallstones - which I thought we already knew from the tests I'd had done previously. I don't like to criticize the NHS but I can't help thinking it could be organized a bit more efficiently.

Finally after all the results were in we saw a doctor, who began by admitting that he was not going to be the one treating me as he was a general doctor not a gastroenterologist. So we won't know what happens next until my results have been seen by a specialist consultant, which we don't have at our local hospital. However, I understand that there are two possible outcomes. One is that they will put a tube down my throat and try to get the gallstones out that way - which doesn't sound like a fun time to me but which is deemed preferable as it avoids surgery. The other outcome is surgery to remove the gall bladder.

In the meantime I still have a bladder full of gallstones which continue to make their presence known by giving me needles of pain from time to time.