7 January - MRI Scan

To Carlisle Infirmary this morning for an MRI head scan. Nothing much to add to that. I expect we will receive an appointment to discuss the results in a few days' time.

So the next few days promise to be an anxious time. Will the tumour have shrunk? Has it grown? Or just stayed the same at it was at the last scan more than 6 months ago? The answer to those questions will determine the direction my life will take. I dare not hope for the result I want for fear of being hugely disappointed.

Stay tuned for the next thrilling instalment!


  1. Praying that you get the answer that you need, Julian. I am heartily happy that you have been making such great progress and we'll pray that it continues as well! I enjoy both of your blogs and look forward to many many more (at least on the ham radio side, hopefully in time this one will become just a memory)

    Best 73,

    Richard, KK4JDO

  2. Julian, let's hope and pray that the outcome is a decent one. You seem to be getting on pretty well suggesting that the thing hasn't grown. Please keep us all posted and remember you have a large group of people out here routing for you and Olga.

  3. Good wishes to you in the new year. May you cope well, maintain a high quality of life and vigor, and outlive your doctors.

  4. Any news on the scan yet Julian?

  5. No, Roger. We're still waiting for an appointment. :(

  6. We're pulling for you over on this side of the big pond. You are in my thoughts and prayers

    David Phillips