8 October - Still shaking

I've been taking the new tablets, Procyclidine, prescribed by the GP to stop my hands shaking, for 4 days now. It doesn't seem to have made any difference. Today I wired a 13 Amp mains plug on to a piece of equipment. I managed it in the end, but I found it quite difficult to secure the wire to the pins because the blade of the screwdriver was vibrating by a few millimetres. I don't think I could attempt any electronic construction work at the moment.

When I go back to see the GP I will mention this, of course, in case there is an alternative anti-tremor medication. One of my readers mentioned beta blockers, which I don't think Procyclidine is.

Still, if it's a choice between taking clomipramine and living with a hand tremor or not taking it and letting the tumour grow back again unimpeded after my chemotherapy is over, the decision is - pardon the pun - a no-brainer.