18 October - Flu jabs

This morning Olga and I went to the GP surgery to get our flu jabs.

Then another trip to Carlisle for an appointment with the consultant. Didn't learn anything new, just a re-statement of the next phase of treatment.

I must have a blood test at the GP surgery next Monday, then we will phone Carlisle on Wednesday to check the results and ensure that my blood count is good enough to start the treatment. If I'm OK then I will start the first of six chemotherapy cycles on Thursday 27 October. I will take temozolomide at double the previous dose for five days, then 23 days I will take nothing. The idea is to take the cancer cells by surprise: If I took a continuous steady dose of temozolomide then they start to build up a resistance to it.

The one thing that wasn't mentioned is when I have another CT or MRI brain scan. I presume that if one was necessary they would do it. But it would be nice to know how effective the treatment has been so far at beating back the tumour.