14 October - A gift from America

My short term memory must be worse than I thought. The postman brought a book from Amazon that I had no recollection of ordering. When I opened the package I found it was a copy of "Living with a Brain Tumour" that had been sent as a gift by one of my American readers. Thanks, Michael! It is a very good book and answers a lot of questions.

Two weeks on from the end of radiotherapy and I still have the dizziness and the hand tremor. The dizziness is the worst symptom: it makes me a bit unsteady on my feet and it makes me feel a bit detached from the world, like it's a dream and not real. But this could still be an effect of the radiotherapy and may last for several weeks, according to the book. I had been hoping for a quick return to how I felt a couple of months ago before the treatment started. I guess I will just have to be patient!