8 August - Exercise helps

Cancer patients should do two and a half hours of moderate physical exercise a week, recommends Macmillan Cancer Support which has today launched a campaign called Move More. Taking it easy after treatment is now considered an outdated idea. New research shows that exercise can reduce the risk of dying from cancer and help minimize the side effects of treatment.

Ciaran Devane, chief executive of Macmillan Cancer Support, said: "Cancer patients would be shocked if they knew just how much of a benefit physical activity could have on their recovery and long term health, in some cases reducing their chances of having to go through the gruelling ordeal of treatment all over again. It doesn't need to be anything too strenuous, doing the gardening, going for a brisk walk or a swim, all count."

Well they don't need to tell me. I have been keen to exercise just for the sense of well-being and wanting to be able to do as much as possible what I could do before. If it helps to beat the cancer as well then so much the better.

Enough for now - I'm off to the garage / gym to do a few kilometres on the exercise bike.