25 August - Starting clomipramine

We have Clomipramine!

Olga managed to get us an appointment this afternoon with her GP - a woman doctor, whose first comment after we explained what we wanted was "No problem". She also said that if she was in the same situation as me she would do the same thing. She could not have been more helpful. (She also said that she couldn't see why my consultant at Carlisle couldn't have prescribed the Clomipramine in the first place as it is an approved drug and as it is also a cheap one "it would not break the hospital's budget.")

At my treatment session today one of the radiologists showed me a scan of my brain and pointed out the tumour and the ways they were beaming X-rays at it. It was only an A4 print-out and not as clear as it looks on the computer, she said. Still, it looked quite big to me. If that's what is still there, what did the surgeon at Newcastle take out? I hope the next time I see a picture of it, it will be smaller.

Feeling pretty tired now. The Clomipramine is supposed to make you drowsy as well so I will take the first tablet before I go to bed tonight. We have to build up the dose from 25mg a day to 150mg a day in steps of three days, increasing 25mg at a time. At least I should sleep well!