5 August - Some improvements

Not much to report. I have been sleeping a little better the last few nights and there have been improvements in physical fitness and general well-being, though some days are better than others. I am able to use the desktop computer now but it doesn't do my eyes any good so I am limiting use of it as much as possible. I use my smartphone for most things and the computer for tasks where the big screen and keyboard are a positive advantage like using eBay or composing longer blog posts.

Still no news of my next appointment to begin the treatment.

Living one day at a time is liberating in a sense, in that one is no longer much concerned about the future. Like most people my age who do not have the luxury of a final salary based pension backed by an employer to retire on I have savings for retirement that are invested in stock market based funds. I would now be feeling extremely anxious about the falls in stock values brought about by the US deficit problem, concerns about the Eurozone and other matters. Now, there seems no point in worrying about it as whatever happens I'll probably never get to spend most of it anyway.

One paper I read recently suggested that there could be a link between stress and cancer. I wonder whether we would live longer and be happier if we all led simpler lives and were more self-sufficient instead of being slaves to work worrying about money, status and possessions?