19 August - Headache

Had a headache last night. It was just a nagging one when I went to bed but got worse during the night and paracetamol didn't help it. It soon went after I got up and had breakfast, though.

Still no nausea from the temazolomide and I only took one of the two anti-sickness tablets. Tomorrow, since there is no radiotherapy over the weekend, I won't take the anti-sickness tablets at all and see how I get on. I don't believe in taking drugs just for the sake of it. I'm taking enough medications already.

Went for the second dose of radiotherapy this afternoon. As before it was quick and painless. Feeling a little bit tired and lethargic on my return home, but that might be partly due to the lack of sleep caused by the headache. Today's hospital voluntary car service driver had been through radiotherapy and said that the tiredness only really kicked in after the first two weeks of it.

Tomorrow Olga and I will probably take the bus to Keswick for the day. It may be the last time I feel energetic enough to go out somewhere until this course of radiotherapy is over.