22 August - Outing to Keswick

Feeling not quite as great as I was a week or so ago. I'm still not feeling any major effects of the chemotherapy apart from the constipation, so I'm now taking the prescribed laxatives as well as eating prunes and beetroot. But I'm feeling more tired and lethargic than I did before treatment started. I'm taking it easier on the exercise bike. And where I had a lot of enthusiasm for blogging and doing little hobby projects before, now I often can't be bothered. The radiologists said that this is normal.

Saturday's outing to Keswick was a mixed success. We got what we went for and walked further along the lake shore than on our previous visit. But I had not thought of, and failed to take into account, the fact that the chemo tablets still need to be taken on an empty stomach and I should not eat for a further two hours. By the time we reached the furthest point from the town I had not eaten anything for 3 hours and started to lose energy. I felt cold and sweaty at the same time and was worried about catching a chill. After I had something to eat in the cafe at the Theatre by the Lake I soon felt a lot better. But the experience was a reminder that even on the days when I am not going for treatment my activities are still limited.

Just a reminder: the BBC 4 radio programme about Clomipramine: Treating Tumours: Old drug, New tricks is at 8pm tonight.