30 December - Good news for the New Year

Off to an appointment with the urologist this morning, to hear the result of the CT scan a few weeks ago.This was nothing to do with my brain tumour. One of my scans had showed something suspicious on a kidney, which we were afraid might be cancer. The good news was that whatever it is hasn't changed. so it probably isn't cancerous. As I haven't experienced any kidney-related problems such as blood in my urine my kidneys have been given a clean bill of health and we'll have another look in a year.

While we were there we asked the doctor if we could look at the last MRI brain scan, on which until now we had only had a verbal report.

There was nothing to see. Literally. Where the tumour had originally been there was nothing there. Definitely good news. Perhaps I could grow a few new brain cells there!

If I'm not exactly jumping for joy it's just because I'm still experiencing annoying symptoms like the blind spot in my vision, a hand tremor, the balance problem that is hampering my mobility, poor short term memory and inability to concentrate. But I'm not going to dwell on those for the moment.

So I may not have "beaten the bugger" but I've given it a jolly good thrashing. And It looks as if I'll be around for a couple of years yet. Olga and I will see in the new year with a glass of bubbly this year!