3 December - Getting back to normal

Today marks a milestone in my recovery as Olga and I returned from a long weekend in Manchester. It was the first time I had been away since discovering I have a brain tumour.

I felt fine and managed quite a lot of walking - without my stick. I had one nasty moment though when I was ascending the steps between the rows of seats in the RNCM concert hall. There was no stair rail and the seat backs were too low to use for support and I had a sudden attack of vertigo and thought I was going to fall over. Olga quickly realised what was happening and grabbed my arm for support. Thereafter I ensured that I clung to the rail when negotiating stairs - though I'm sure there are places where that just isn't possible.

Apart from that little incident I was fine. It was good to do once again the kind of thing we did in normal life.