26 December - So that was Christmas

I hope that you all had a very good Christmas.

Christmas here unfortunately did not go quite according to plan. A couple of days previously I had a severe pain from the region just below the middle of my back and I could not find any position where I couldn't feel it. It did eventually ease off though.

On Christmas Eve the pain returned. In the morning I felt nauseous and vomited a few times. We were concerned enough to call the doctors' surgery for advice, and they were concerned enough for a doctor to come out and take a look at me to see if I should be admitted to hospital as an emergency. By then the pain had eased again and I was no longer feeling sick, so I didn't have to go to hospital, but I have to have a blood test on Thursday, the first working day after the Christmas break.

I haven't felt much like Christmas fare, so I have been existing on easily digested foods like porridge for breakfast and mashed potato with bouillion for dinner. Hopefully I'll get back to eating normally again soon.


  1. Hope all fares out for you, and next year you'll beat this bugger.

  2. Hope all fares out for you, and next year you'll beat this bugger.

  3. It could be as simple as a winter vomiting bug with these symptoms. Understandably it is worrying for you both. Let's hope things continue to progress well for you. All the best for 2013 Julian.

  4. We're praying for you! Sounds like an intestinal bug, we had a bad run with one a few weeks ago that took down the whole family. Not a fun time for sure. Hope you kick it quickly!


    Richard, KK4JDO

  5. Julian,

    Hope it's just a stomach bug and nothing more. But the pain you describe reminds me of the bout I had with kidney stones three years back.

    Hope you're feeling better, soonest!

    Larry W2LJ

  6. Also could be gallstones? My XYL had these and she described it as the worse pain she ever had. A few days of antibiotics and she was fine though.

  7. Julian I hope you are feeling even more better at this time. It would be good if it could be figured out what it was...but having said that sometimes they put you through all kinds of test to say they don't know!! Have been very busy over the holidays sorry just read this post this evening. I hope this post finds you feeling well.

  8. Coming to this a bit late, but it sounds to me very much like renal colic due to a kidney stone blocking a ureter.

    Very painful, it only takes a 3mm stone to do this but it will pass gradually even without treatment.

    Drinking plenty of clear fluids will help avoid the formation of further stones.