26 June - One year on

Another milestone passed. This is the day the doctors said I would never see. One year ago today a doctor broke the news that I had a brain tumour, that it was incurable, and that I could expect to survive "a few months to a year."

Today we went to Newcastle, to the Royal Victoria Infirmary where I had the brain surgery, and saw the same doctor, one year later. As I anticipated, we didn't learn anything new. It was a rubber stamp exercise to put "closed" on my case as far as the surgery goes. (Carlisle will continue monitoring the tumour, of course.) It was uplifting to see the looks of genuine surprise as the doctor read through my file and saw the reports of how well I have done.

So, five hours of travelling for a five minute consultation. But I'm not going to grumble. They did a good job.If they hadn't, I really might not be here at this moment.