12 June - Shingles!

If it isn't one thing it's another. Just when I was hoping to feel better after the cancer treatment I get shingles.

A couple of days ago Olga noticed a rash on my body. I didn't notice or feel anything so we didn't do anything about it. Last night it was worse and Olga applied some Spilanthes to the affected areas. This morning the rash wasn't any better. Olga consulted Dr. Google and told me that I probably had a type of herpes commonly known as shingles.

Olga managed to get me an appointment with a GP straight away, which was more than I could achieve (I play John le Mesurier to Olga's Hattie Jacques.) The GP confirmed our diagnosis, issued us with a prescription for some antiviral tablets.

Apparently, shingles is related to chicken pox and people who have not had chicken pox could catch the virus from me. So I have been warned to stay away from pregnant mothers, babies and small children, something that will cause me no pain at all. Shingles can also cause aching muscles and a general feeling of tiredness, which explains a lot about how I've been feeling lately. The virus is dormant in the body and probably appeared because my immune system had been compromised by the chemotherapy.