2 June - Taking a bath!

Today I decided for the first time in several months that I would have a bath instead of a shower. Showers are all very well but with my lack of agility and problems with balance I don't find it very easy standing on one leg to wash the other foot. I really need a shower I can sit down in and ours isn't big enough.

I ran a bath with no problems and managed to get in. But when I crouched down and tried to get into the sitting position my left foot slipped and I fell back into the bath. Miraculously I didn't create a tsunami and flood the floor below with bathwater, but this didn't augur well for getting out again. Well, I'd worry about that when the time came.

Sure enough when I tried to get from the sitting position to a crouch with both feet under me I couldn't. I didn't have enough strength in my steroid-weakened arms to lift my overweight body. I sat back in the bath while I pondered on what to do.

Fortunately it wasn't long before Olga came up the stairs. She gave me a stern ticking-off for having a bath without telling her. After a couple of abortive attempts to get out Olga suggested going and asking one of the neighbours for help. I had momentarily considered calling the fire brigade! But I think I would have rather lived for the rest of my life in the bath than incur the embarassment!

Olga's engineer's brain went to work and she rolled a bath towel into a thick "rope", wound it round my chest under my shoulders, then pulled on that while I pushed down with my arms. That got me to the crouching position from where I was able to stand up and climb out. Phew!

We had a good laugh about it afterwards, but this episode has made me think that it will be difficult to cope in this house unless my strength and mobility improve. I am determined not to end up in a wheelchair but I may not have any say in the matter. Read the stories of other people with brain tumours in cancer forums and they all seem to end up wheelchair-bound eventually.