3 March - Novocure

One of my readers wrote to me last night to say "do a web search on novocure." I did. It appears to be a new cancer treatment currently undergoing clinical trials in the USA and Europe which is relevant to the treatment of brain tumours as well as other types of cancer.

There are no clinical trials of novocure currently taking place in the UK, however. Furthermore it appears I would fail the inclusion criteria shown on the website. My glioblastoma is neither newly diagnosed nor recurrent and has received other treatment (intensive temozolomide and clomipramine) since diagnosis.

To be honest I would not sign up for a clinical trial even if I did qualify. I have accepted my situation, whatever that turns out to be. At the same time I don't think my life expectancy will be as short as the prognosis I was given last summer. I believe we are beating the bugger at the moment.

I hate being in hospital. I would rather receive the treatment I am currently getting as an outpatient and see out my days in the comfort of my own home than spend much of the time left to me travelling to and from distant hospitals or having to undergo further operations (as I believe would be necessary for novocure which must be physically delivered to the tumour.) I am also given to believe that participants in clinical trials may receive a placebo instead of the drug. I'd rather know that I am receiving treatment.

But it's good to know what options are available. I'm writing this blog not just for myself but for others who learn that they or a friend or relative has a brain tumour and I appreciate all relevant comments.