22 March - An afternoon by the lake

An absolutely glorious Spring day. One of our neighbours who had a job to do near Crummock Water offered to take us for an afternoon out. We went to Lanthwaite Green and Olga and I strolled slowly along the level paths at the head of the lake for a couple of hours. It was the longest distance I have walked for a few months.

JM at the head of Crummock Water
It was wonderful to be out in the beautiful Lake District on such a perfect day, but I did get a lump in my throat when I looked at the surrounding hills and remembered the summits - all of which I have visited at one time or another - and wondered if I would ever get up there again. Even a modest slope on uneven ground presented a bit of a challenge due to the wobbly legs and vertigo. What seems easy whilst sitting comfortably is a different matter in practice.