28 February - The end of chemotherapy!

Today I took the fifth and final 400mg dose of Temozolomide for my fifth and penultimate chemotherapy cycle. At this point in the cycle the concentration of Temo in my body is probably at its highest, with a corresponding negative effect on my energy levels. Today I could hardly haul myself out of my chair. I have spent most of the day sitting and thinking about what I could be doing if only I could find the energy to actually do something.

It would probably be a good idea to wait until I am feeling a bit more lively before doing anything critical. Yesterday I started to work out a circuit layout for stripboard and I drew the microprocessor chip so the rows of pins ran along the copper strips, connecting them all together, instead of at right angles. I threw away the drawing, printed out a new blank template and then proceeded to do the same thing again!

Duh! Sometimes I feel as if I've had a lobotomy.