15 February - Rubber legs

Nothing in how I feel has changed since 4 February, hence no posts. For the record, I'm not experiencing the kind of debilitating dehydrating diarrhoea you get with a stomach upset. Just that things are not back to normal in that area. It's something to mention to the doctor when I next see him at the end of next week.

I'm still walking on rubber legs, too, which seems to be a universal complaint of everyone who has had radiotherapy to the brain. It's a bit worrying. My positive outlook has largely been based on the belief that my present condition is only temporary and that once the treatment is over things can only get better. Olga and I hoped to be able to get away for some trips abroad once my immune system recovers from the chemotherapy but I'd need to be fitter than I feel right now to manage it. When one reads of people whose mobility after radiotherapy slowly deteriorates until they are forced to use a wheelchair it's a bit disheartening.