30 November - The foul taste is back

Four days into Cycle 2 of the high dose chemo and the foul taste in my mouth is back. I still consider that I've been fairly lucky as whilst the side effects of the temozolomide haven't been pleasant they have not been intolerable.

Despite taking laxatives before I started my bowels were once again set like concrete by day 3. And whereas I normally eat just about anything my appetite now is not as great as usual and there are some foods I just don't fancy at the moment. I don't even feel like chocolate!

Olga said she noticed the chemo was making me slow-witted. I can certainly testify to that. I'd rather not think how many hours I spent trying to get some radio and computer stuff to work for reasons that should have been blindingly obvious to anyone with a functioning brain. Ah well, nobody said this was supposed to be fun.