17 October - A question of balance

It's good to be home. I must go on record to say how pleased I was the treatment I received at the Royal Victoria Infirmary in Newcastle. I could not have been looked after better.Our British National Health Service is the best healthcare system in the world. I wish that some of my American friends who are so strongly opposed to the idea of having a similar system over there could experience it (without having a brain tumour, obviously. :)

My operation was successful. The doctors told me they operated using a microscope and removed all of the brain tumour that they could see.  I don't think that means I no longer have the tumour.There is still a part of it inside my brain which could grow back eventually. But hopefully this will give me a few more years when I will be able to enjoy a normal life.

One thing that puzzles me is why I don't feel better than I do at the moment. My sense of balance is worse than it was before the operation. I have to be very careful not to lose my balance when I move about the house. My vision is not as sharp as it was either,. I am using the computer quite well at the moment which is an improvement but typing is still a bit more error-prone than it was..

I remember after the first operation it took several weeks for my vision to stabilize. So I guess I may just have to be patient. I have another appointment with the doctors next week so we'll see then what they have to say about it.