23 August - A question of balance

This problem I have with my balance seems to be getting worse and worse. Olga and I have arranged a trip away in London and it has got to the stage where I'm doubting my ability to go.I am aso expeiencing difficulty typing on the computer. Inless I cencentrate really hard, everything omes out as alphabet soup. This post willbe  brief as a result.

I have become convinced that my tumour is regrowing.We phoned the hospital to see if we caqn get my next MRI scan expedited but were told that the only person who can make that happen is my GP, so off to the surgery we go.

The GP says that the symptoms I am experiencing could well be caused by my tumour. She prescribes some of my old friends - dexamethasone steroids - and some other tablets to increase blood supply to the brain. She promises to contact the hospital and try to get me an MRI scan as soon as possible. But it's a bank holiday weekend so it's anyone's guess how soon that will be. Meantime we return home and I have a sleepless night mulling over the implications of this new development.

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