19 August - Taking a tumble

Life goes on with nothing particularly noteworthy to write about. The unsteadiness on my feet that I have often complained about continues to be a concern. I don't go anywhere without a walking stick or without Olga. I often take her hand to steady myself. We must look like a couple of newly-weds walking along the street hand in hand!

Yesterday I went down to the bottom of the garden to reset the weather station which had stopped working. When I got there I realised I would need a blunt object to poke the reset button. I turned around to go back for it and found myself falling to my right. I put my foot out to save myself but I tripped over the border to the raised bed. No injury was caused other than to a few plants which cushioned my fall, and my pride of course.

We are booked to spend a few days in London the weekend after next so I hope I can keep my feet then.Olga wants to see the state rooms at Buckingham Palace and has arranged a wheelchair for me for the visit. Having to use a wheelchair feels to me like the thin end of the wedge and I tried to resist the idea but I find it tiring standing around and the sweat runs down my back with the effort of keeping upright so it is probably the most practical solution. No doubt the Royal Albert Hall will also present some challenges!

I am a little concerned that this balance problem might be a sign that my tumour is growing again. Olga found several possible links between radiotherapy and balance issues and vertigo. Really I should be getting this information from my doctors. I would like another MRI scan soon to put my mind at rest about what is happening to my brain. But my next doctor's appointment is not until October so I'm unlikely to receive another scan much before then.

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