22 April - A slight decrease

Today we went for a consultation with the oncologist - the one I should have had a month ago. After the usual enquiries as to how I was he told us that the last scan showed 'a slight decrease' in the size of what's left of my tumour. This is obviously better than an increase, so it appears we have it under control for the moment.

Because of the type of tumour that it is, it can never all be removed - I can never be cured. When asked whether it could grow back we were told it could, but it is not possible to predict what would happen. The longest anyone has survived a glioblastoma multiforme grade 4 in our oncologist's direct experience is 8 years. It goes without saying that I hope I can beat that.

The doctor thinks I can apply to the DVLA to have my driving licence back. I'm not celebrating until I'm holding it in my sticky mitt.

Our next appointment is for three months' time after which I will have another MRI scan.