13 November - Gallstones

No news is good news. For the last couple of months life has been getting back to normal - or at least as near normal as it is possible to be without having a car. Sorry to harp on about this but if you have never been forced to live without a car - assuming you don't live in a city where there is public transport - then you cannot know just how limiting it is, and I hope you never have to.

I learned this morning that I have gallstones. A blood test had shown a raised level that indicated a possible liver problem. I went for an ultrasound scan last week and the GP got the results this morning. My liver is fine but the scan showed the gallstones. Apparently the best course of action is to do nothing and hope that they don't cause any problems because treatment involves quite a big operation.

I have an appointment to see the oncologist in a couple of days' time. I'm not expecting to learn anything new  as I haven't had any tests. Olga and I are hoping that I will get an appointment for an MRI scan as we would like to know what the tumour is doing.