14 May - My 59th birthday

Another milestone in my life - my 59th birthday. Ten months ago in the hospital in Newcastle when I was told what I had I wondered whether I would see it. Well I'm still here, still beating the bugger and now have my sights set on reaching 60!

My main ambition now is to get back some fitness. If I can get rid of my problems with balance and the weakness in my legs then I will be half way to feeling normal. Though I can't entirely get out of my mind the knowledge of having a ticking time bomb in my head that could go off at any moment. I really wish I could have my head scanned more often than six-monthly.

But enough of that. For now I'll celebrate the fact that I've survived for 10 months and the tumour doesn't appear to be growing. (touch wood.) Life isn't bad, even with a brain tumour.