19 September - Still rather dizzy

Still in the land of the living. Nothing much has changed since last week's post. The dizziness and fuzzy vision is if anything a bit worse. I'm less tired, but the other symptoms make me feel less like doing anything. At least I'm taking it easy.

Only 8 more sessions of radiotherapy to go, after which I'll be taking a break from the chemotherapy too. So I'm hoping I'll feel some improvement after that.

Completed a consent form giving the administrators of my pension from a former employment permission to contact my doctors with a view to my receiving the pension early. I'm 58 now and had I still been in that job would have retired at 60 but in the circumstances I suspect I would have been eligible for early retirement on medical grounds. Of course, I'm hoping to beat the bugger into submission enough to see my 60th birthday but the prognosis for this type of brain tumour says this is unlikely so I can't discount the possibility.