11 March - Going Weak at the knees

Olga took me for the usual short walk to the end of the cul desac for a breath of fresh airand to prove to myself Ican still walk.just as we got to theend of the road I felt my knees buckle under me. Olga's supporting arm and my stickstopped me falling to the ground.  It looks as if it is time to consider a wheelchairor a mobility scooter. I was hoping it would not come to this as no oone that I know of who had the same type of tumour survivedfor long after going in a wheelchair.

It may not be apparent but Iam still having considerable difficulty using the computer. I have to correct nearly every characterI type. Nowadays Olga has to do my online jobs such as internet banking. Blogging and answering email arenn't  important enough to get this special treatment I'm afraid.I've had to give uup my other blog.The same visual problems  have put paid to the other activities I used to amuse myself with. It's  just darned  frustrating.All I am good for is watching TV and listening to the radio