30 June - A bombshell

Had some sleep for the first night since receiving the 'bombshell' news. Feeling a bit better physically. Head still swims like I have had a few too many drinks and I am unsteady on my feet but I can walk a reasonable distance not too quickly.

Received a phone call arranging an appointment next Tuesday at the hospital in Carlisle to discuss my treatment with the specialists. Also had to attend the GP surgery (by taxi) to have the clips removed from the back of my head where they operated. Less painful than expected.

Didn't learn much else from the GP but received another bombshell. I will have to give up driving! Not that I would want to drive in my current condition but with feeling fitter each day I began thinking that perhaps in a few weeks after the treatment is over I would be able to. But it isn't permitted. GP informs me that after a craniectomy you are not allowed to drive for six months and with the symptoms I have had it would more likely be a year before I could reapply for my licence. If I survive that long! So my hopes of being able to get out into the Lake District and resuming normal activities any time soon are dashed - here there is not much public transport. It's a blow to morale.

Manage to walk home from the surgery with Olga and even pick up a few food items in Sainsbury's. More than a mile, which is a mood booster! After lunch, crash out on the recliner totally exhausted!